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     Don’t All the Religions Claim the Same Thing?

•    It is often claimed that all religions have the same foundation like, ‘Love others’, ‘Love God’, etc. and superficially different i.e. they all have a different depths of understanding.

•    We can clearly see why people make these claims. It is because people want to make a more peaceable dialogues and very loving conversations and ultimately come to a single solution that all gods are one.

•    At best all religions may have the same depths of understanding but are having different foundations.

•    Let us take an example of Gautama Buddha. He was a man who was looking for answers on the problem of evil. He was basically born in a Hindu family. But he ultimately renounced (abandon) the fundamental claims of the Hinduism (the cast system, the authority of the Vedas) and went about finding his own World view.

•    All of the Major religions of the world (like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) have different fundamental teachings. So, we have to take the fundamental questions of life and see how they are answered.

•    For example: if you ask an orthodox Muslim scholar and an orthodox Christian scholar that “Is the God of the Quran and the God of the Bible same?” Then most probably both of them will answer ‘No’.

•    The God of the Bible accepts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and accepts that He was crucified. But these two claims are denied by the Quran.

•    So, the important question is not that ‘do both of the religions claim the same thing’, No they don’t, ‘but which of them is true and how do you measure that Truth’.




     Why Do I Believe in The Bible?


•    Everyone has their own set of reasoning and their own set of understandings which make them believe in the beliefs in which they believe.

•    Similarly, I also have some reasoning and understandings which make me believe in the Bible.

•    One of the reason because of which I believe in the Bible, is that it qualifies for all the qualifications that is required by a Book from God.

•    Basically, a Book from God should Qualify 4 types of qualifications to prove its claim:

  1.     First, it should itself claim that it is from God and should contain the words of God.
  •     We see that Bible itself claims for this Qualification:

I.    The Bible says that all the scriptures are the inspired by God. (2Timothy 3:16)

II.    The Bible has lot of clauses, such as ‘God said’, ‘And God says’, ‘The LORD said’, etc. The Bible itself begins with such kind of a statement, “And God said, Let there be Light…” (Genesis 1:3).  

  • Second, it should have a high moral value.
  •   No one can deny that the Bible lacks moral values. It has got a very high moral value.
  •     For example, if you take the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), we can really see that the Bible has got a very high moral value than any other religions. The Sermon on the Mount is a very high distinctive piece of teachings that a man has ever spoken.
  •     Third, it should contain a lot of historical records and future prophecies which are accurate.
  •     We know that the Bible itself is a historical book. It consists of the details about both:

I.    The historical incidents that happened before Christ (Old Testament)

II.    The historical incidents that happened in the time of Christ and after Christ (New Testament).

  •     Both of the Testaments have been proven to be accurate.
  •     Bruce Metzger, who is a scholar from Princeton, once said that, after you take the Twenty Thousand lines from the New Testament, it is safe for any scholar to say that there is at least 99.6% accuracy. No ancient document, none, has the kind of documentary support that the Bible has.
  •     Fourth, it should be available everywhere.
  •     This is the obvious qualification that the Bible has made.
  •     Thousands of Bibles are being sold every second. Bible is the bestseller, the world has ever seen. Bible is the lone Book which has been translated in so many languages. It has also been and is being translated to Tribal languages. No other Book, none, can ever compete with the Bible in this claim.


     The Clear Visibility of the Supernatural.


•    The Bible is a very distinctive piece of Literature that has ever been written.

•    Now, if you ask why, then let me explain it to you.

  •     The Bible is a compilation of 66 books, written by 40 different authors, over a period of 1500 years. Still you can see an amazing non-contradiction of the Basic Moral Meaning and the same Character of the God, who is being claimed.
  •     Secondly, you can see the prophetic schemer all the way down to the person of Christ.




  •     For example:

I.    Daniel’s Prophecy:

  •     The book of Daniel is written in the late 500 B.C. And still if you read the book, you begin to see the specifics of a fantastic prophecy.
  •     He talks about a massive empire coming into being, and how that empire will be led by a stride and strong He-Goat (male Goat) from the West. Then he goes on saying about how this stride and strong He-Goat will be marching several nations under foot. But this He-Goat shall be suddenly cut off in his early 20’s. And his kingdom will be divided into 4. Those 4 will then emerge into 2. Those 2 blends into 1.
  •     When you take this prophecy written in the late 500’s, and put it in the early 300’s B.C., into the kingdom of Alexander The Great. You can see how specific this prophecy was.
  •     You can see the stridency of the Alexander, suddenly cut off in his early 20’s. 4 kingdoms emerge given to his 4 generals. Those 4 come into the 2, The Ptolemaic and The Seleucid Empire. Those 2 then blend into 1, The Roman Empire.


II.    Prophecies of Isaiah and Zacharias:

  •     If you turn the pages to the Book of Isaiah (Chapter 53) written in the early 700 B.C., you can clearly see him (with God’s Grace) Prophesying how Christ would suffer.
  •     Then if you turn the pages to the book of Zacharias (Chapter 12), you can see Zacharias prophesying clearly about the crucifixion of Christ, “…they shall look upon me, whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourns for his only son…”


  •     Centuries before so much accurate and specific prophecy.
  •     Immediately we can see the Supernatural.

•    So,

  •     When I have these kinds of prophecies,
  •     These kinds of miraculous elements,
  •     These kinds of qualifications,
  •     This kind of a Visibility of the Supernatural, 

•    Then I think there is a pretty compelling reason to believe in the Bible.



Your's In calvary Bond,

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